Mould Remediation (Cleaning Works)

Mould remediation is a structured and detailed process to remove both the source and mould spread. Mouldgone will eliminate the cause where possible, removing the mould and killing the spores. then treating the effected area to prevent further spread in the work place or home. It’s a complicated and structured process and must be done professionally with the right equipment and chemicals in order to prevent further exposure to potentially harmful mould spores.

Mould remediation is challenging in part because mould can grow in so many out-of-sight places including inside walls, under carpeting, above ceiling tiles, and inside heating and air conditioning ducts. Just locating all the mould can be difficult, and if you miss even a little bit, it will just continue to grow and spread. Soon you’ll have a full-blown mould problem on your hands again. Mould removal is also challenging because the process disperses many more mould spores into the air, increasing the risk of mould related illness.

It’s not simply spraying on some chemical.

Remediation requires training, professional equipment and FDA approved chemicals that have been proven to stop mould.


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