The initial mould inspection is the most important part of any mould eradication and remediation process. It is imperative that you determine WHY you are getting mould and what can be done to remove it.

This is where our MouldGone’s trained and certified inspectors come into play.

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zefon bio pump to detect mould in room
A professional Moudgone inspection will begin with one of our qualified inspectors making an appointment to visit your premises. With the use of specific customised equipment, including infrared cameras, we will be able to identify the location of mould in your home and the cause of its presence. 
Some of the common areas of concern, (but not limited to), is the bathroom, behind the wall cavity, in the cupboards, behind the bed, under bedside tables, in the ceiling or in the ducting of the A/C units, to name a few.  Your inspector will be able to determine where and how.
During this survey, the inspector will talk you through his findings and advise how to best address the situation to enable you to take back control of your living space.
Mouldgone will then forward to you by email a complete detailed report outlying all areas of concern and the suggested treatment to irradicate the mould.  It will also be provided tips on how to make small lifestyle changes to ensure the return of mould is kept to a minimum,  what early signs to look for, and how to handle the situation early so as to avoid mould taking over, again.  
You will also receive a quote for cleaning and mould removal works to be undertaken by the Mouldgone team.   You can then decide if you wish to engage Mouldgone for professional  works where  they will use FDA approved Toxic-free, kid and pet friendly products to leave your house smelling fresh and mouldfree again.   Alternatively you can purchase these products to tackle the situation yourself.
Cost for inspection and full detailed report with personalised tips is $100.  
This $100 is however deducted off your final account should you wish to proceed with works being undertaken by a Mouldgone team.  
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