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The smallest in the Thirsty Camel range (13 x 10cm) comes in a pack of 10 . Perfect for the smallest of places ie inside shoes, handbags, photo-boxes, stored valuables..

Absorbs 2 to 2.5 times its original weight

10 x 25gm Pack

Moisture Absorber:  10 x 25g

  • Convenient size for the smallest of jobs inside shoes, purses, handbags etc while in storage.
  • No Spill.  No Leak. =  No Stain and No Spoiling your valuable leather goods, expensive handbags, photos etc.
  • The Pouch is full when it completely turns to a gel consistency Or when it weights at least double its original weight.

Be sure to check on the fullness of the pouch by 2 months 


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