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Mosquito repellent sprays and coils- essentially pesticides, can contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, headaches, and respiratory problems such as coughing. These are not recommended for infants and young children. Insect repellent body sprays can be effective for a few hours dependent on the ingredients. After which they need to be re-applied. Natural options like citronella oil may only be effective for 30 mins.

The Mosclean Indoor Mosquito Trap uses an enhanced UV spectrum and LED technology to attract and trap mosquitoes with a 3 to 4 times higher catch rate. They work effectively to capture even pesticide-resistant mosquitoes. These eco-friendly mosquito traps do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Hard on mosquitoes, not on you.

Key Features:
24/7 protection.
Eco-friendly as no pesticides used.
Safe to use around & pets.
No exposure to pesticides.

How it works:
Mosquitoes enter the trap as they are attracted by the UV LED engineered to attract mosquitoes.
The trap consists of a photocatalyst which releases carbon dioxide (CO2) making it irresistible to them.
The low-power, low-noise fan in the unit creates a vacuum that traps mosquitoes quietly and efficiently.
Mosquitoes are captured and killed by dehydration in the container.

Key specifications:
Size: 232 mm (h) x 200 mm (diameter)
Weight: 359 gms

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