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Botanics Multi-Purpose 2 Ltr

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A complete Broad Spectrum Fungicide, Disinfectant and All-Purpose Cleaner.

Multi-purpose Botanical cleaner and disinfectant all-in-one.
. Safe to use in the home, office, school
. No ammonias, chlorines or glutaraldehydes
. Fungicide, Bactericide, Virucide and Tuberculocide

2 Ltr

Multi-purpose Botanical cleaner and disinfectant all-in-one.
Fungicide = Proven effective against mould
Thyme oil derivative
Environmentally Friendly, Botanically derived, pet and family friendly.
Powerful enough to disinfect.
Gentle enough to use as an everyday cleaner.
Blended and bottled in Singapore for Mouldgone

The difference between Concrobium and Botanics Multi-Purpose:
Concrobium is an FDA EPA product manufactured for Concrobium by WEXFORD Labs.
Botanics MP is a product that has been manufactured to the same formulation by Wexford
and supplied to Mouldgone as a concentrate.
We do this as a cheaper way to ship the product.
Mouldgone then blends and bottles the concentrate through a laboratory in Singapore.
This product is the same great formulation but does not have the FDA or EPA number
associated because it is a non-US product (not producted there)

2 Litre bottle



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