Tips to Prevent Mould from taking over your home..

Follow these TIPS TO PREVENT MOULD taking over your home or office.

. Mould needs moisture to grow.  The aim is to reduce moisture settling in the house. This is particularly the case while you are away.

. Mould loves anything organic.. think leather, cardboard, paper, books, chipboard cabinets etc. Add to this a little moisture and you have the perfect mix to promote mould growth.

. Air flow is crucial, so Fans On! If you have ceiling fans leave them on 24/7. If you don’t have them, invest in standing fans. Use a timer for during the heat of the day ie 10-2pm+

. Keep ALL doors and windows closed

. Keep ensuite doors closed (better to have a mouldy bathroom than a mouldy bedroom And bathroom)


. Close all cupboard and wardrobe doors, After you have placed a moisture absorber inside.

. If you have a dehumidifier with a hose outlet that can be drained into a sink, use it! Set the timer to run for 4-6 hours per day in the heat of the day, ie 10am onwards

. Place a spare sheet over the top of bedding to protect against potential mould spores landing and growing on top of the bedding. 

. If concerned about timber cooking utensils and chopping boards place them inside a plastic tub with a Thirsty Camel pouch

. Leather belts and shoes are often the first to be ‘attacked’.  The best prevention for mould in shoe cabinets is a good moisture absorber.  Thirsty Camels come in small sizes too!

. Place moisture-absorbing pouches throughout your house.  Thirsty Camel pouches are a perfect choice for long periods unattended due to their large absorbancy capacity. Varying sizes are available for placement in living areas,  inside wardrobes,  shoe cupboards, kitchen drawers, photo boxes etc. 

. We strongly advise regular/Annual cleaning be undertaken inside and out of all cupboards, wardrobes and shoe cabinets.  The following steps should be taken:

  1. Vacuum the area thoroughly.   
  2. Apply Concrobium Disinfectant (OR new: Botanics Multi-Purpose) to the entire surface and leave damp for at least 10mins.   
  3. wipe off with Micro-fibre cloth  (don’t use water on the cloth… this will only dilute the solution) 
  4. re-apply chemical and leave to dry.

So, Why Thirsty Camel moisture-absorbing pouches? 

  • They come in a variety of sizes to suit spaces ranging from large wardrobes to small handbag storage or shoe boxes. 
  • They will absorb to double their weight in moisture. 
  • NON-SPILL  And NON-LEAK  means no damage to expensive bags and shoes, or clothing.
  • Only 2% plastic ( in the outer storage bag only)

Why Concrobium Disinfectant OR our new Botanics Multi-Purpose?  Both products are:

  • Fungicide 
  • Proven Mould killer 
  • Family and pet safe  
  • Botanically derived and 
  • can be applied easily and safely


See our web site for more information 


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