How to use your Thirsty Camel

Watch Andrew of Mouldgone explain how to use our Thirsty Camel product


To determine when your Thirsty camel pouches are full ..

  • The white pouches are heavy, you can feel no ‘grains’ left inside the pouches and they feel spongy, just like a wet nappy.
  • The blue hanging pouches are also heavy .. approx 2.4kg, these can still feel firm to the touch.
Replace your thirsty camels every 2 months, before they stop doing their job!

NOTE:  All preventative products will have a life expectancy dependant on the moisture level in your particular area.  We strongly recommend date marking the packaging and discard after 2 months Maximum, or when Full, whichever comes first.  Do Not Set and Forget. Like anything that collects moisture, the membrane will start to break down after a period of time.


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