Before you sign your contract

have your house inspected for mould and ensure AC units are clean!

So, you have found a new home that you would like to move into.  You can visualise where the sideboard will be placed, the lamp in the corner,  and where the dog will sit to wait for the kids to get home from school.

But hold it there!!! .. before you sign anything, have you had a good look around and/or used your nose to whiff out any faint musty smells?  You Must check for mould before you commit, no matter how much you love the look and feel of the house!

Freshly painted

Once you sign up it is often too late to request a mould inspection, removal, AC cleaning or chemical cleaning to be undertaken.  Just because the house has been freshly painted does not mean that mould is not underlying. In fact, I would be warier if it has been freshly painted prior to inspection.  This could be an indicator that mould has just been recently painted over and masked.
It will take about 3 months for this to re-appear, having found the paint a lovely food source to actively grow on.  You will also find, in more cases than not, the cheap local paint used has been watered down and will do nothing to stop the spread of mould growth underneath. If mould is/was present you would need to use a specific professional mould cleaning solution and then a mould retardant paint, this is the ONLY way to prevent mould reappearing.

Aircon servicing

Too many of us find out too late that the AC units have never been cleaned and are in fact recirculating harmful unhealthy mould spores into our lungs.  It is extremely important to check the bedroom units as we spend the most amount of time here asleep and unaware of what we are breathing.
Note that the one month grace period on a new contract will not cover additional services like mould inspections, you absolutely need this included in your pre-signing requests.
Rest easy,  have a Mouldgone inspection undertaken and put your mind at rest that your chosen home is fresh and mould free.
Cost for inspection and full detailed report with personalised tips is $100.  
This $100 is however deducted off your final account should you wish to proceed with works being undertaken by a Mouldgone team.  

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