The initial mould inspection is the most important part of any mould eradication and remediation process. It is imperative that you determine WHY you are getting mould and what can be done to remove it.

This is where our MouldGone’s trained and certified inspectors come into play.

Mould inspectors will assess the property issues, look at all areas of concern and undertake a thorough investigation into the potential source of the problem. From this inspection, Mouldgone will provide you with a detailed report that list the mould issues, what is required to fix it, and the costs associated with the remediation works.

Mold Inspection Mold Test Gurnee IL
zefon bio pump to detect mould in room

The initial Mouldgone Inspection confirms the presence of moulds – Yes or No. It does not confirm the types of mould, the genus or species.

Mouldgone does offer these services, but they are expensive here in Asia.

Samples are required to be taken from surfaces and the air, these then need to be grown in a laboratory. The minimum cost for these sorts of service is $750+++

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