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How to treat mould on your walls

There is a myriad of causes for mould to grow on walls in a tropical
climate. These range from high humidity, water leaks inside walls,
lack of ventilation, knowing the correct AC modality to use, air flow,
water left sitting in dehumidifiers, lack of AC chemical cleaning .. to
name a few.


Some situations are more difficult to address, for example, a leaking pipe inside a
wall cavity, and it will be well and truly set in before mould is discovered on the
external wall.

There are a number of ways to handle a mould breakout.

If you have a small area of concern it can be treated with Concrobium MouldControl
or Concrobium Disinfectant. These Non-toxic products are  FDA approved,  family
safe, easy to use and effective. We highly recommend using a Microfibre cloth to
clean as it collects dirt and mould as you wipe.


Be aware mould isn’t always visible to the naked eye, it can easily grow in small
hidden spaces ie under beds, behind cupboards, in AC ducting or units. Mould
comes in a range of colours, with white mould being the hardest to see, and
potentially the most dangerous to your health.

The common urban myth might have you believe Vinegar or Bleach (which is
toxic)  will remove mould.  This is not the case, your problem will be masked and
return quickly.

If you treat one small area only you could find your mould problem return quicker
than expected.  Or, If you miss any areas in your cleaning regime mould can quickly
spread throughout the remaining area.

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A more thorough way to determine how to address mould
is by undertaking a professional Inspection.


A Mouldgone inspection is completed by a qualified mould specialist.  A room by
room inspection is carried out using a variety of tools including thermal imaging
cameras and moisture meters.

The source of the moisture issue is located during this inspection and a Full and
detailed report
 is provided.  This report can be used to present to the landlord
if needed.

At this inspection, Mouldgone staff will provide a wealth of knowledge to ensure
you don’t encounter recurring problems.  We offer advice on how to ventilate,
control the humidity in the room, air flow, dehumidification, AC modality and AC
cleaning regimes, paint preferences (note: we do not provide a painting service)

Mouldgone can also offer a full service to professionally clean and remediate your
room, unit, entire home or office. Quotes available on inspection.

All MOULDGONE Products are Non-Toxic, Imported from the USA and are FDA, CDC & EPA approved – Kid Safe – Pet Safe – Family Safe


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