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Mould in aircon & hvac

The dangers of MOULD in your Airconditioner & HVAC

Living in the tropics creates a number of mould growth opportunities within Air-conditioning
systems. The presence of mould in an AC system is a common occurrence and assists in spreading
dangerous mould spores throughout a Home or Office.

Most AC Service contractors do NOT clean or remove mould. They use a simple system of washing
the plastic filter and wiping down the cover, usually with a chemical that is too potent to be sold in
most countries. Often a basic vacuum cleaner is then used in an attempt to clean up which will
assist to further spread mould spores throughout your property.

Having Mouldgone’s AC Specialists inspect the system or undertake regular servicing is the solution.
Mouldgone and Healthy Airco only use low-toxic, FDA approved “Green Chemicals” in maintaining
your system.


ALL bedroom wall units should be chemically cleaned annually.


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Routinely inspect your AC systems

According to the U.S. EPA you should routinely inspect your AC systems, not just for mould, but also for moisture.
Look at the drain and condensate pans to make sure they are draining properly. If they are plugged, the moisture that accumulates will become a mould factory.

Ensure that all AC ducts and system components such as air handlers, blowers and plenums etc are free of any moisture.
If, despite regularly inspecting your system, you are experiencing issues (mould starts to grow in as little as 48 hours), you should consider a MouldGone treatment, using proven Green or chemical solutions.



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