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We are happy to announce we have joined the Rentokil Initial family.

Experts in pest control & hygiene in over 60 countries, Rentokil Initial is at the forefront of product innovation & service. We are proud to join them in their quest to deliver healthy indoor air. Keeping you safe with every breath you take.
You can still reach us as normal through this website or at +65 85158223

12-48 HOURS.

Combining cutting edge technology while adhering to eco-friendly standards, Mouldgone aims to keep you and your loved ones safe by providing proprietary toxic-free mould removal solutions in Singapore.



.. our objective is to deliver first class, professional services.  We utilize the best practices in mould investigation and removal, by working with:

Industry certified standards

Led by industry certified professionals we make it a point to ensure the highest quality is achieved at every project.

Highly trained professionals

Our dedicated team members are trained in the most advanced mould remediation

Non-toxic treatments

Mouldgone is the only mould removal service in Singapore that uses FDA, EPA & CDC approved non-toxic products.

Detailed inspections and reports

Mouldgone provides a detailed inspection report of the mould infected areas including a quotation for our services, to remedy your mould concerns. This report is delivered the same day as inspection.



Not sure if you have mould?


Triggered Allergies

Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to foreign particles such as mould.


In some cases, these mould particles can be hazardous.


Mould infested areas can trigger allergies like coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose and more.

Stale Odor

Mould growth will occur in areas where moisture is present.


In damp conditions musty scents or a stale odor, may occur as a symptom.

Surface discolouration

Mould can accumulate on the surface of organic materials such as leather, cardboard, and timber, if they are stored in places with high levels of heat or moisture.

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Successful Treatments

We continue to be recognised as the foremost trusted and most highly regarded mould removal service in Asia.

Mouldgone remedies are 100% non-toxic,  effective and safe. Our detailed process, is the benchmark for mould remediation work across Singapore.

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Positive Google
and Facebook Reviews

Our reviews reflect that our customers have received the most professional and safe treatment to remediate mould infected areas.

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Month Warranty

Through our detailed operations and use of non-toxic, eco-friendly products we can assure that our solutions are highly effective.  This in turn provides you peace of mind along with the security of 180 days of guaranteed mould-free protection.


To ensure the continuation of our
quality service.

It includes:
Phase 01
(A) Booking :

Book an inspection with us at your convenience.  An inspection and report is charged at SGD100 per site visit  which is fully refundable if you choose to proceed with any of our effective non-toxic and environmentally friendly Mouldgone treatment solutions. (this excludes purchases from our on-line store)

Phase 01
(B) Inspection :

Using a systemized approach, we investigate the mould infected area which allows us to identify the root cause of the spread.  This is followed by an extensive and detailed report on the mould infection, cause of its growth, and how we plan to treat the infected areas.

Phase 01
(C) Detailed Report :

The comprehensive detailed report will then be sent to you with details of the inspection, explaining the root cause of your mould problem, along with a quotation for our services to remove and treat the mould infected areas. The fee of SGD100 is fully refundable should you proceed with any Mouldgone solution to remediate the mould. It cannot be refunded against purchases from our store.

Phase 02
(A) Removal and Remediation :

On approval of the report and quotation, Mouldgone then follow a detailed remediation plan to ensure the removal of mould from your home and family environment.  Using our 100% non-toxic EPA, FDA approved remediation processes we provide a safe toxic-free solution.

Phase 02
(B) Prevention

After treatment, we provide further information and guidance on how to ensure mould growth does not re-occur. This gives you the peace of mind that your living spaces are mould free; while being armed with the right knowledge to help prevent mould build up again.

Phase 02
(C) Warranty

Lastly, we issue a 6-month warranty on our services.  Providing you with peace of mind and the knowledge that Mouldgone is only a phone call away.


Mouldgone conducted a thorough inspection efficiently, they promptly identified areas with mould growth, and advised us on how to prevent further mould. Since our condition was mild, he gave us detailed instructions and cost estimates on remedying the problem ourselves.
Grace Vie

Mould is a huge issue in Singapore and as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist I treat people for illnesses related to mould exposure all the time. Finding Mouldgone has been life-saving for me and Singapore. They are professional, reliable, friendly and treat the mould with non toxic ingredients. Highly recommend.
Karin Graubard- Reiter

Really happy with the service overall. Very responsive to inquiries, got an inspection scheduled within the same week. Their team took the time to not only check every nook and cranny of our house but also provided me with really important information on how to avoid getting any mould.
Nina Conseil

Mouldgone was very knowledgeable and thorough in addressing and diagnosing mould issues in our condo. We called in late in the evening and the team were down within the next couple of days. I truly appreciate the flexibility in timing. Also, lots of practical advice and tips on prevention. I can recommend this company with ease.
Ruth Boey

Mouldgone has been saving my three kids from mould for years and we love them. Every rental unit we move into; we get them to come and do an inspection and his team sometimes needs to come in and treat it. Their use of botanical cleaning products are the best and we use them everywhere. Couldn’t recommend them enough!
Elise Mawson

The only Non-Toxic mould remediation and removal solution that you need.

At Mouldgone we only utilize FDA and EPA approved products and non-toxic, child-safe and pet-safe treatments to ensure your environment is clean, mould-free and safe.

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