Halting the growth of mould in your home is about controlling the humidity. Reduce humidity and you reduce the ability of mould to grow. Mouldgone has undertaken extensive research into the enormous range of moisture absorbing products on the market. After testing various products, the team at Mouldgone has selected a small range of products we are happy to recommend.

To be considered for this shortlist, Mouldgone had the following specific requirements.

Each moisture absorber needed to be:

Non Toxic


Spill proof

Mould if left unaddressed can quickly spread and become a major issue. Mould remediation can be a big job, there is no denying it. It can be expensive too. However, help is at hand and after treating your home, either by the experts at Mouldgone, or DIY, it is now smelling fresh and clean again. You can breathe without fear of inhaling mould spores. The last thing you want is to have the mould return, but you know this will happen unless you put in place a plan of action to prevent the humidity from collecting and re-appearing as mould. 

It is a fact of life in the tropics that humidity will leave moisture in the air in any place that the air flow is low.


As part of a Mould remediation service the experts at Mouldgone will run through a number of helpful tips to keep your home mould-free. One very important part is maintenance and this is where THIRSTY CAMEL comes into the picture. Over the past 3 years Mouldgone have sourced and continue to search for the best mould prevention products on the market.

Our range of THIRSTY CAMEL moisture absorbers are highly absorbent, collecting up to 2.5 times their original weight.  They are biodegradable, allowing you to safely dispose of them  with household rubbish. 

With the environment in mind THIRSTY CAMEL use as little plastic as possible in the manufacturing stage. Non-toxic materials are an essential component, making them safe for use around pets and children. Another key factor is each of the products in the THIRSTY CAMEL range are Spill Proof hence eliminating the fear of staining* your valuable goods (including leather).

To assist in keeping mould at bay in any location such as your home, office, boat, car, shipment of goods, shed or even photo boxes … ensure you place sufficient moisture absorbers in and around every location. 

DISCLAIMER*  Thirsty Camel products are biodegradable hence they are Not to be ‘Set and Forget’,  by nature the membrane will begin to degrade.

The THIRSTY CAMEL range comes in these sizes:

REMEMBER  to monitor your pouches and replace as soon as required.  Mould growth does not stop given the right level of humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air.  It is a constant. 

Thirsty Camel pouches are biodegradable and they Will reach their full capacity! We suggest you date mark the pouch and replace them when they are approximately 2.5 times their original weight, or at 2 months, whichever comes first. Check on them regularly, as you would any preventative product. Know your space and do what you can to keep mould at bay. Place and replace Thirsty Camel pouches frequently to prevent the heartache and unnecessary cost of having to replace your valuable items.

Each area is different and will present individual moisture levels

Thus each area requires monitoring. The moisture level in any given space is altered by many things, if unsure contact Mouldgone for assistance.

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