Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they are. Mouldgone only uses FDA approved NON-TOXIC chemicals. The disinfectant is a Botanical disinfectant, the mould control is a specialised proprietary salts within a liquid. Both products are totally safe. We are able to provide full SDS sheets if required.

No problem what so ever, once we are finished the remediation works, you can start moving back in. Our product is an odour neutraliser so there is NO smell.

the simple answer is yes, but like with everything we STRONGLY recommend that you test a hidden area first.

the treatment process is a major part of removing the mould issues. Just as important is managing your environment. Reducing humidity, increasing airflow and operating your AC system correctly. ALL these factors must work hand in hand to control mould.

Naturally black mould strikes fear into all people. However, mould growth around wet surfaces is common in ALL environments. The only products that remove this blackness is bleach or chlorine, though Mouldgone don’t recommend that these products be introduced into a home environment. If you are concerned, have a handyman remove the silicon, clean the area and re-apply.

Most certainly Toxic Black Mould is dangerous and a risk to health, but is VERY rare to find here. There are numerous other moulds that are black, but not toxic to that level. The most common mould here is white mould. This is the mould in Asia that affects sinuses, breathing and allergies. It is usually seen on walls and ceilings and hard surfaces within rooms.

Mould needs moisture to grow, AC units often provide a nice home for mould growth. It is VERY important to have your AC system chemically cleaned. We recommend bedroom AC units be chemically cleaned every 12 months. What is MOST important is the chemicals they use, check first, or call us.

Of course you want fresh air in. What is important is when. Do not open doors and windows after night-time AC usage. The walls, ceiling and floor will be cold, introducing hot moiste air into the room is not a good practise. Let air into the rooms in the afternoon.

Once the item has been returned to us, you will receive a store credit or refund within 7 days.

Shipping fees to return items that are incorrectly ordered are at your cost. Defective items, or good that were received damaged, we will cover the shipping.

Items that are lost in shipping back to us will have no claim

Please call us If you would like more information, or book an assessment online

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